Case Study: How Karli Fixed Her Tight Calves

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Boobs On The Run is a female-led and female only running club in Sydney, Australia

Tight calves are a common complaint in runners. However, are there any risks involved with having tight calves? 

Tight calves often lead to poor dorsiflexion, the movement that occurs when your foot angles upwards towards your shin. It is arguably one of the most critical lower-body movements from a functional standpoint - think about what happens when you walk. You dorsiflex. 

dorsiflexion and other terms of motion for the foot

Dorsiflexion vs. plantar flexion of the foot

Often measured with a knee-to-wall assessment, poor dorsiflexion (<8cm) is considered a risk factor for various injuries, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy, medial tibial stress syndrome (aka shin splints). 

Ensuring a suitable range of dorsiflexion is essential for runners! 

Let's meet Karli from Boobs On The Run

Karli wearing her Solushin for shin splints

Karli wearing her Solushin's after a run

Boobs On The Run (BOTR) is the original, all-female, learn to run program here in Sydney, Australia. For beginners through to marathon runners, BOTR is a fantastic initiative started by Mel Warman, a running coach of 15+ years. 

After chatting with Mel, we were introduced to Karli, a young personal trainer who has been progressing through the BOTR Get Running Program for beginners. Karli had been battling tight calves and poor dorsiflexion, which affected her running gait and put her at risk of various injuries. 

Let's find out how Karli had a 167% improvement in ankle dorsiflexion in less than 1 month!

What is the Solushin?

The Solushin is an Australian-owned medical device designed for the treatment of medial tibial stress syndrome. Used in leading sports medicine, physiotherapy and podiatry clinics around Australia and available directly online, the Solushin works by:

  1. Compressing inflammation along the border of the shin
  2. Reducing tension in the calf muscles utilising Counter-Traction Technology™

The Solushin has undergone two studies: a clinical trial showing it speeding up recovery from medial tibial stress syndrome about five times quicker than previous treatments and a study showing it improve ankle range of motion by 21% in an hour.

Case Study: Solushin vs. Karli's tight calves

The goal

Could we see a measurable improvement in Karli's knee-to-wall measurements over March 2021? 

First Measurements: March 8th 2021

On March 8th, Karli had knee-to-wall measurements conducted on both legs with the following outcomes:

  1. Left = 3cm
  2. Right = 6cm

From these initial measurements, there are two notable factors. The left and right legs have poor dorsiflexion and are less than 8cm (recommended minimum). Additionally, the difference between her left and right leg exceeds 2cm, another risk factor.

When Karli wore the Solushin's, and how often?

Karli wore them consistently for up to an hour after her runs, three times per week.

Second Measurements: March 23rd 2021

On March 23rd, Karli had her knee-to-wall measurements conducted again. This time, she saw a huge difference:

  1. Left = 8cm (167% improvement)
  2. Right = 9cm (50% improvement)

We also asked Karli what she thought of the Solushin's..

"The Solushins are going AMAZING! They've turned into my absolute recovery essential!"

Are the Solushin's right for you?

If you are a sufferer of medial tibial stress syndrome ("shin splints"), get your injury management under control with the world's first medical device shown to treat the injury in a clinical setting—recover up to 5 times faster than previous treatment methods alone. Include the Solushin as part of your holistic treatment plan, and you will notice great results. If you're not happy, send them back within 30-days. 

Or, if you are like Karli, with tight calves and any encompassing injury, makes sure to include the Solushin as part of your recovery protocol. 

We are a team of athletes turned medical professionals. We understand where you are coming from and the mental exhaustion a physical injury can have, so please reach out if you have a question.

Thank you Mel and Karli from Boobs On The Run for giving the Solushin's a go. We are so happy Karli got those amazing results!

- Ben 

About the author:

Ben Lindsay is the Managing Director and engineer behind the Solushin medical device. A former national medalist swimmer, Ben aspires to learn from physicians, physiotherapists and podiatrists so he can develop tools to improve the quality of care for their patients.

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