Solushin | Shin Splints Treatment
Solushin | Shin Splints TreatmentSolushin | Shin Splints TreatmentSolushin | Shin Splints TreatmentSolushin | Shin Splints Treatment


The Solushin is the faster way to get back to running without shin splints - clinically trialled, easy to use and trusted by Olympians. 
  • Improve ankle range of motion/reduce tension in calves to also support the treatment of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and more
  • Patented design developed by a medical doctor, biomedical engineer and medical product designer
  • Receive a complimentary load management program developed by multiple medical doctors to be used alongside the Solushin to get you back to running pain-free even faster.
  • Trusted by the physiotherapists and podiatrists of Olympic medalists and professional athletes
  • Access to additional strengthening programs for better long term outcomes


The Solushin is a patented class 1 medical device for the treatment of medial tibial stress syndrome, commonly referred to as "shin splints", and other injuries related to calf muscle tightness and poor ankle range of motion. The Solushin is listed on the ARTG, 325902. Please refer to instructions for use to determine if this product is right for you.


Please read: if you find an A or B measurement is between two sizes, pick the size up. The sleeve isn't made for compression but for comfort so, if it sits slightly loose, don't worry. 

e.g. A measurement 33cm and B measurement 21cm choose Medium.


Designed and assembled by a medical doctor, engineer and designer in Sydney

clinically validated

Double-blinded Randomised Controlled Trial presented to Sports Medicine Australia

30-days trial

If you're not happy, get your money back and we will arrange a return free of charge

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"The Solushin was far better than any other calf sleeve and now I don't require dry needling. Using the devices each day before and after impact-based exercise, I treated my shin splints, and experienced the longest shin-splint-free period since I was 8 years old."

- Hannah

Verified User

"I felt it get to work straight away. The throbbing pain from shin splints goes away immediately when I put on the product. Within a couple of days, the tension in my tight calf muscle had reduced drastically."

- Mitchell

 Verified User

"First, run this morning and I am over the moon. I've only had the Solushin for a few days and ran 12.7km with absolutely no pain in my shin. Blown away! Really stoked!"

- Jono

 Verified User

IT IS Clinically validated

The Solushin has demonstrated, in a clinical setting, an ability to treat medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints). While the placebo group had no measurable effect over the length of the study, those wearing the Solushin noted immediate pain relief with the pain subsiding in its entirety over the course of the study.

The Solushin has also demonstrated an ability to improve ankle range of motion by 21% over an hour period. This highlights its ability to support the treatment of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and other injuries where poor ankle range or calf tightness is a risk factor.

Presented at:

2019 Asics SMA Conference

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