Solushin | Shin Splints Treatment
Solushin | Shin Splints TreatmentSolushin | Shin Splints TreatmentSolushin | Shin Splints Treatment



The Solushin is the faster way to get back to running without shin splints - clinically trialled, easy to use and trusted by Olympians. 
  • Improve ankle range of motion/reduce tension in calves to also support the treatment of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and more
  • Patented design developed by a medical doctor, biomedical engineer and medical product designer
  • Receive a complimentary load management program developed by multiple medical doctors to be used alongside the Solushin to get you back to running pain-free even faster.
  • Trusted by the physiotherapists and podiatrists of Olympic medalists and professional athletes
  • Access to additional strengthening programs for better long term outcomes

The Solushin is a patented class 1 medical device for the treatment of medial tibial stress syndrome, commonly referred to as "shin splints", and other injuries related to calf muscle tightness and poor ankle range of motion. The Solushin is listed on the ARTG, 325902. Please refer to instructions for use to determine if this product is right for you.



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Designed and assembled by medical professionals in Sydney

clinically validated

Double-blinded Randomised Controlled Trial presented to Sports Medicine Australia

30-day trial

If you're not happy, get your money back when you return your Solushin

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What's coming your way?

A new approach to treating shin splints

The Solushin® Medical Device

The Solushin medical device performs the soft tissue therapy required to treat shin splints while you walk around the house or kick back on the couch.

There are three nodes that apply pressure to your calf to release tension in the muscle and a compressive rod that targets the inflammation and pain.

Learn how to build up your running volume

A Load Management Program

You will receive a complimentary load management program that was designed by a medical doctor and former athlete. This program was designed to help you on your journey back, but isn't completely necessary. 

If the end goal doesn't suit you, just reach out to the team and we will do our best to help modify the program at no extra charge.

30-day returns

Our team's commitment to you

We made this to help athletes overcome this injury, and if you're not happy, we are happy to make things right.

We offer a full 100% refund within 30-days of purchasing the Solushin. We may ask a question or two to make sure you're using it correctly, but we've done our best to reduce your risk in purchasing the product. 

Our team's commitment to you

We made this to help athletes overcome this injury, and if you're not happy, we are happy to make things right.

We offer a full 100% refund within 30-days of purchasing the Solushin. We may ask a question or two to make sure you're using it correctly, but we've done our best to reduce your risk in purchasing the product. 

Clinical studies

Subjects noted immediate pain relief when wearing the device

Subjects returned to full-load training with no pain over 5 times faster than load management alone

Reduced tension in calves quickly and easily over just one hour

Presented at 2019 Sports Medicine Australia conference in the Foot & Ankle Papers session

In a double-blinded randomised controlled trial, the Solushin showed an ability to effectively treat medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints). In a seperate study to show the effects of ankle range of motion, a measure that shows the release in tension of the calf (soleus) muscle, the Solushin improved ankle range by 21% in an hour. Both studies are pending publication.


Commonly Asked Questions

What are "shin splints"?

The term "shin splints" refers to Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, an injury of the lower leg resulting from stress reactions of the tibia and surrounding muscles. It tends to occur when you increase your volume suddenly. Clinically, symptoms are often described as a "vague, diffuse pain on the distal third of the medial tibial border that arises from exertion."

So, what does that mean for you? If you feel pain along the inside border of your shin bone, particularly along the furthermost third away from your knee, you may have shin splints! We recommend you consult a physician or clinician to confirm your diagnosis. 

Does it help treat other injuries?

The Solushin was also shown to improve ankle range of motion in a clinical setting by reducing tension in your calf (soleus) muscle, a risk factor for a large variety of injuries.

Reducing tension in your soleus muscle and improving dorsiflexion is used in practice for the treatment of tibialis anterior pain/inflammation (often referred to as "anterior shin splints"), Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, Sever's disease, and much more. 

We recommend you consult a physician or clinician to determine the suitability of the Solushin in your rehabilitation. Alternatively, reach out to the team via

How does the Solushin work?

The Solushin combines two approaches to treating shin splints:
1. Compress the site of inflammation and pain
 2. Release tension in the calf muscles

Within the sleeve, the wearer will find a compressive component that is applied to the site of pain. The straps compress this down. Participants in the clinical trial and users of the Solushin noted immediate reductions in pain thanks to this component.Three parts compress the origin sites of your soleus muscle (in your calf). By targeting these areas of tension, the Solushin effectively reduces tension throughout the whole muscle belly. 

When do I wear it?

The Solushin was designed to be worn before or after running. Alternatively, it can be worn during a low-level activity such as walking. Before running enables you to improve your ankle range of motion and reduce tension in your calf muscles before you engage in the exercise while after the activity works better for pain management.

What does it feel like?

The Solushin has been designed to keep the user in control of the pressure. It is made from high quality, medical-grade materials, so it is comfortable to slide on. While wearing it, the user may feel a bit restricted. If you are tender or sore in the spots of pressure, adjust the pressure accordingly. If you have shin splints pain, you should notice a fast reduction in pain while wearing the device. This should continue to subside in your runs over the course of a month until you are running shin pain-free. You should also notice a reduction in tension in your calf muscles with improved range of motion after wearing the device. 

What clinical evidence do you have?

The Solushin was the investigational device in a double-blinded randomised controlled clinical trial in Sydney, Australia. The use of the Solushin resulted in a clinically significant reduction in pain symptoms and an earlier return to full activities that was maintained up to 6 months. This data was presented in the Foot & Ankle Papers at the 2019 Sports Medicine Australia Conference on the Sunshine Coast by Dr William McNamara on behalf of all the authors and is pending publication in a clinical journal.In addition to this study, another was conducted on the Solushin's ability to improve ankle range of motion using the knee-to-wall measure. The Solushin demonstrated an improvement of 21% in an hour of wear while the control group had negligible change.