Effectively treat the symptoms of medial tibial stress syndrome and stop them coming back.


Proudly designed and produced with Australian businesses.

clinically VALIDATED

Demonstrated to reduce the severity of the injury in a clinical setting.

trusted by physiotherapists

Used by Australia's leading sports physiotherapists & podiatrists.

medical device

Registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG #325902).

Made by athletes, for athletes and their treatment partners

What do the athletes say?

Hannah S.

"The Solushin was far better than any other calf sleeve and now I don't require dry needling. Using the devices each day before and after impact-based exercise, I successfully treated my shin splints, and experienced the longest shin-splint-free period since I was 8 years old."

Mitchell D.

"I felt the Solushin get to work straight away. The throbbing pain from shin splints went away immediately. Within a couple of days, the tension in my tight calf muscle had reduced drastically."

because you deserve medical grade

easy to use

We get it, it's hard to find the time to do rehab. Simply strap it on and treat your shin splints before and after your workouts.

shin splints can take a hike

With pain relief in the short-term, and the treatment of shin splints over the long-term, tell shin splints they can't stick around.

not just another sock

This isn't your typical compression sleeve. We aren't here to "support" you. The Solushin is clinically validated to get you back to pain free running, faster.

free shipping

You've been through enough. Shin splints are painful, so why should we sting you with another cost?

because every calf is different

Different sizes and trackable massage points because no calves are the same

our mission

As former athletes, we frequently suffered from overuse injuries. Our team is comprised of Dr William McNamara, a former national finalist 400m runner; Rosa Miller, a national finalist gymnast; and myself, Ben Lindsay, a national medalist and international finalist swimmer. 

Despite having brilliant treatment partners, physiotherapists who dedicated their hearts and souls to get us back into training pain-free, we never succeeded at treating shin splints without massive compromise to our training. 

Now medical professionals, we are dedicated to helping the brilliant treatment partners that we had (they helped us design and build this product) and athletes, just like us, treat and perform better.  

Ben Lindsay
Co-inventor of the Solushin

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