2021 New Years Resolutions

2020 - what a year

While many people are emphasising they are glad 2020 is over, let's not forget what 2020 taught us.

1. Hate leads to unnecessary violence.

2. Focusing on what you can do for your community as an individual (wear a mask, socially distance etc.) has a massive effect at scale.

3. We are pretty damn lucky to be living in Australia in comparison to the rest of the world.

Hollie Palmer Melbourne City FC

Heading into 2021, it's only fair that New Year's Resolutions are all the talk. To help you tackle your resolutions, I spoke to a few elite athletes and coaches to understand their mindset heading into the new Olympic year. I also have a couple of tips of my own... good luck!

Tip 1: "Write your goals down" 

- Emma Jeffcoat

Emma Jeffcoat

When not training as a professional triathlete, Emma Jeffcoat is a trained nurse living in Sydney, Australia.

"Write your goals down, it makes them real, it makes you accountable, and it's a great way to reflect later."

I couldn't agree more here. Once your goals are materialised on paper, it's harder to give yourself an excuse.

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Tip 2: "Sleep more" 

- Sam Hopper 

Sam Hopper

Sydney's fastest red-head over long distances, Sam Hopper emphasised he wanted to focus more on sleep.

Research suggests that 7-8 hours is vital for a healthy lifestyle (but you probably know that already). The big question is, are you getting it? Working from home ruined most peoples routines, I know I found myself staying up a little later unnecessarily.

I've added this to my goals over the next year. I even purchased an Oura ring to ensure I am on top of my sleep stages (REM and deep sleep).

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Tip 3:"Break your goals into bite-sized pieces" 

- Emma Jeffcoat

Emma Jeffcoat

Another one from Emma, this is vital in establishing a roadmap to your overall goal. Often called "stepping stones" these goals will help you strive towards your overall New Years Resolution.

For example, if your goal is to run a half-marathon, you're going to want to build up to that distance slowly. 

Are you interested in what that looks like? Check out our free half-marathon training program here.

Tip 4:"Make your stepping stones attainable" 

- Ben Lindsay [me] 

Ben Lindsay

Building on Emma's tip on breaking your goal down into bite-sized pieces, it is also essential to make sure you have an easily attainable starting point and growth curve, so you feel good about starting and maintaining momentum.

For example, you've never run before. Start with something very attainable... 1 x 1km per week. If you achieve that, you feel good, you have been positively reinforced. Is it too much to ask that you do 15% more next week? And, so on.

It sounds counter-intuitive to some, but there is no point setting yourself up for failure.

Tip 5: "Always have a smile on your face and find the positives in any situation" 

- Hollie Palmer

Hollie Palmer

I thought we would finish off with this tip for your New Years Resolution from Melbourne City W-league recruit, Hollie Palmer (ex-Brisbane Roar FC).

Last year showed many Australians that it is easy to fall into a slump. Even if you feel like you are not on track to achieve your New Years Resolution, stay positive, stay grateful and keep going.

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I wish you all a safe 2021! 

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