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3 Tips for Running to Work

Running backpack

For some, running to and from work is the highlight of their working days. You can log kilometres on your Strava while clearing your mind for the day ahead, or to come home feeling happy and healthy. 

However, you can't merely get dressed in your work clothes and begin running. The right preparation, equipment, and post-run cleansing are required.

Here are the top 3 tips for running to work. 

1. Post-run shower

Shower in can
Shower in a Can | Antibacterial Soap for Hands, Hair and Body and an apparent shower replacement

A post-run shower is important guys and girls. No one, I repeat, no one likes a smelly coworker. Ideally, you will have a shower at work, but not all employers are so kind. You could either:

  • Join the local gym or pool to get access to their facilities 
  • Shower in a can, a product that you rub on and all the oils and dirt evaporates away 
  • Give your coworker's nose pegs

2. A Running Backpack

Running backpack
IAMRUNBOX, a backpack designed to help runners run to work without the hassle 
Imagine this: you're running along, and your backpack is bouncing up and down, rubbing on your back and hitting the back of your head. This is not ideal. The right backpack is essential. 

I found this cool backpack a while back on Kickstarter called the IAMRUNBOX. This backpack was featured in this blog's cover photo. 

It turns out runner Kirill Noskov got sick and tired of being unable to find a backpack that carried his clothes from home to the office while keeping them free of wrinkles so, he invented IAMRUNBOX. It killed it on Kickstarter and appeared to be going very strong. 

Here are some other backpacks to check out

3. Don't Overload

While we make and design a product for overuse injuries, we'd prefer it if you built up to the full distance to work. If you live 10-20km away and you've never run more than 3km, maybe run 3km and get the bus or train for whatever remains. 

Check out the half-marathon programs here for an idea on how to build up your running volume. 

Good luck!

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