3 Facebook Running Groups You Need to Follow

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3 Facebook Running Groups You Need to Follow

As a runner, you are surrounded by a community of fellow athletes who are always looking to connect, compare and support you on your journey. Here are the top 3 Facebook running groups you need to follow. 


1. Running ninjas.

Taken straight from their facebook pageRunning Ninjas is a running and fitness group with the mantra of Train, Run, Laugh, Repeat. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro we welcome ninjas of all abilities.

I've been in this group for a couple of years now and for runners of any level, it is a strong and supportive network. 


2. Run bitch run.

Now this group is brilliant. It's rude and you see some hilarious commentary, but it's all in support of your fellow runners. Started by Totes Inappropes (that's the name) after she was thrown out of a group for swearing, Run Bitch Run is a facebook group and online virtual running club. 

This is perfect for you if you're looking for a fun group who support one another through hilarious posts and engagements. 

They also have a separate website


3. Running discussion board.

This is a group of runners from North West of England and beyond. I've followed this group for a couple of years now and its a strong support network of amateur and elite runners. 

You will find races, injury tips and much more on this page. 

While run bitch run is happy for you to swear, this group isn't the place to do it. 



If you're like the majority of us who use Facebook, make sure you're taking advantage of the vast support networks for runners just like you. 

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