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If you're tired of running endlessly on the track, treadmill or sidewalk, trail running may be just the right solution for you. There are plenty of health benefits, so why not join the increasing number of runners who are giving trail running a go? Here are the only five reasons you need to join the growing trend. 1. Burn more calories. Uphill, downhill, you get the picture. The changes in elevation and even terrain are said to improve your caloric uptake by upwards of 60-90 cal per hour. If you're genuinely game and decide to run at altitude, you'll see...

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As a runner, you are surrounded by a community of fellow athletes who are always looking to connect, compare and support you on your journey. Here are the top 3 Facebook running groups you need to follow.    1. Running ninjas. Taken straight from their facebook page, Running Ninjas is a running and fitness group with the mantra of Train, Run, Laugh, Repeat. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro we welcome ninjas of all abilities. I've been in this group for a couple of years now and for runners of any level, it is a strong and...

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Parkrun organizes weekly timed events all over the world. Here are four reasons you should try one out!

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