4 Big Reasons to do Parkrun

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4 Big Reasons to do Parkrun

Parkrun is an amazing, free, fun-filled community of runners who meet up weekly to run 5km. If that's all the convincing you need, find a parkrun near you right now to find your closest parkrun event. 

What is parkrun?

As seen on the homepage, parkrun organizes weekly timed events all over the world. 

If you're a runner, professional or amateur, I highly recommend you get involved in this community of amazing volunteers and runners. 

If you're not convinced, check out the four reasons why I think you should get involved. 

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1. Free

They often say the best thing about running is it's free. Now, for anyone who runs, we know that's not the case. 

You've got to pay for shoes, clothes, physiotherapy and the extra calories. 

But, thanks to volunteers who organize parkrun, the event is entirely free. 

Just show up and participate. 

2. Competitive 

Whether you're competing against yourself or the other runner who always slips away, friendly competition is a great way to push yourself. 

The event is timed so you can keep up-to-date with your progress. 

3. Safe

Lastly, these events are organized with volunteers throughout the whole course.

Thanks to their sponsors, they can ensure the events are safe, and all runners can participate while surrounded by a strong support network. 

4. They're Everywhere

No kidding. 

As far as I am aware, you will be able to find a parkrun near you

If you can't find one, why not try setting up your own

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