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5 Reasons to Try Trail Running

If you're tired of running endlessly on the track, treadmill or sidewalk, trail running may be just the right solution for you. There are plenty of health benefits, so why not join the increasing number of runners who are giving trail running a go?

Here are the only five reasons you need to join the growing trend.

1. Burn more calories.

Uphill, downhill, you get the picture. The changes in elevation and even terrain are said to improve your caloric uptake by upwards of 60-90 cal per hour.

If you're genuinely game and decide to run at altitude, you'll see that increase even more. 


2. Build more muscle. 

The mix of muddy trails, flat routes that convert into hills, jumping on and off rocks will all contribute to further muscle gain. 

You will use muscles you never thought you had after all the road running you've been doing!


3. Fewer overuse injuries.

After all those years of repetitively impacting the hard concrete surfaces, your legs will enjoy the break. The softer surfaces result in lower impact forces so you can give your shins a break. 

That said, the uneven terrain can lead to injuries from tripping, rolling your ankles etc. if you're not careful. 


4. Mental break.

Road running can get a bit repetitive. Trail running allows you to try something new. The same trail will present new challenges over time so you can shift your focus onto something other than the mundane work-life churn.

A 90-min walk in nature has also been shown to lessen harmful brain activity. Meanwhile, in an urban setting, there was no noted decrease. Check out the article here.  


5. Fresh air. 

Let's face it. Sometimes just heading into nature feels right for your lungs. 

With no motor vehicles, you're free from the pollution caused by your neighbouring community. 



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