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shin splints -

Shin splints - that painful ache or burn along your shin bone that hangs around far too long. How do you get rid of it?  This article has been written with no nonsense and no lies.  Everything mentioned has been backed clinically so you can be confident that what is being said works and you won’t waste your time and energy rubbing snake oil on your calfs. Firstly, what are shin splints?  Let’s be clear here - there isn’t one clear definition.  That is because the pathophysiology (big word meaning ‘something your body is doing wrong to lead to the injury’) isn’t...

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goal setting, running -

Whenever you are setting running goals, it's important to make sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely, or SMART goals.  While this concept is often used in a professional setting, it can definitely be applied to running. This article gives you an overview of how to make the most of your goal setting. Specific Your goal should be focused and avoid generalisations.  For example, you may want to run faster, but it's too broad. A more specific goal might be "I would like to hold under 4 minute 30-second pace for a 10km run. Alternatively, you might just be...

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